Art is Regenerative. Order now and support local artists.

We have been busy creating some T-shirts for Village Roots. We called in one of our favorite local artist friends, Maria Pugnetti (Wooly Mar) and asked her to interpret our work and rework our logo. What she created is mostly done by paper cut, one of her most alluring mediums. We feel that her beautiful work embodies our vision of enhancing biodiversity, and building soil through a carefully designed food production system. Another friend and artist, Matthew Gifford, made a few adjustments to make it work well as a silk screen.

Our next step was to find T-shirts that matched our intentions and values. We chose organic cotton, hemp and an organic cotton/recycled plastic blend, all made in the USA. The print shop that we chose uses only 100% non-toxic, water-based ingredients and they still print by hand. Don't worry though, these are very durable inks!

Food and shelter are often considered in permaculture design, but clothing should also be a careful consideration, due to the tremendous impact of each step in production, including growing fibers, as well as using dyes and inks. In other words, if our food is regenerative, our clothing should aim to be as well.

These are the options we came up with. 10% of our shirt sales will go to support local artists, art initiatives or organizations that support local art.