Pasture Raised Animals

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All of our animals are raised on pasture and fed only organic grain as well as garden, kitchen and organic bakery waste.  
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Broiler (Freedom Ranger) Chickens - Broiler Chickens - $5.75 lb; Order 5 or more for $5.25/lb

Broiler Peking Ducks - $9.00 lb  

Narragansett Turkeys - Inquire for pricing

Pork - $635/ share (a share is half a pig cut and wrapped, smoking not included), halves average about 95 - 100 lb

Beef - $6 lb (hanging weight)

Lamb - $7 lb (hanging weight)

Rabbits - $9.00 lb

Average weights (lb)  

Rangers: 5 

Pekings: 5

Turkeys: hens at 7.5 and jakes at 13

Pigs: halves 95-100

Lambs: whole at 45


If you are ordering the following quantities of meat, we ask that you make a deposit with your order. 
Please email us first to check availability:

5 or more chickens: $15/bird

2 or more turkeys: $30/bird  

lamb: $100/whole

pork: $400/half


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